People compare rock climbing in Chattanooga to skiing or snowboarding Vail. The reason for such a bold comparison is because of the vast quantity of sandstone in the area and its stellar quality. Chattanooga rock climbing has been compared to world class climbing destinations such as Fontainebleau, France and this is the main reason why climbers from all over the world descend on Chattanooga every year.

If you have loved the idea of learning to climb but haven't started yet than Chattanoogan provides some excellent indoor climbing facilities which provide you the same great opportunities as the outdoors but in a safer environment.

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Chattanooga is blessed to have over 50 trailheads within 30 minutes of downtown and one of the reasons it could easily be labeled as one of the best hiking scenes in the country. Beyond the sheer quantity of trails is the diversity of those trails. From the pristine slops of Lookout Mountain to the steeps crests and cliffs of the Tennessee River Gorge, the scenic city is truly a place where hiking can become a family adventure for all ages.

Go no further than Lookout Mountain to have a huge array of excellent trails with amazing sandstone configurations to glorious views of Chattanooga and the Tennessee River Gorge to interesting little geological curiosities.

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There is a reason why Chattanooga is known for its great whitewater rafting and a lot it has to do with the gradient and unique geology that the rivers in this area provide. Some very steep streams are formed by the same plateaus which have helped name Chattanooga the Scenic City and is what makes us home to some of the best quality expert whitewater streams in the world.

To get your whitewater rafting adventure started just check out one of these companies.

Big Frog Expeditions

Ocoee Adventure Center

With so many caves in the Chattanooga community it doesn't matter if you are looking for a commercial cavern to visit or looking to get dirty and muddy on a wild cave adventure, the constant 55 degrees in the caves make caving the perfect adventure no matter what the temperature is outside.

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